Aviation Professionals Dedicated to Business Aviation

Corporate Profile

The primary focus of AvAd Inc. is to help companies build upon the resources they have. Working this way allows us to come on board for the short-term, work a project or task from concept to completion and then turn control and management back to the client for the long-term.

While our main focus today is the business aviation market, our individual expertise was gained through work for large and small service organizations, transportation, automotive, oil and technology firms, aircraft sales and service companies and of course, airport and aircraft operational activities.

We bring this collective resource to the client table - so those who contract us benefit from the total expertise we have in hand.

Working each assignment through dedicated project teams means that we personalize and focus the talent so that clients only pay for the services they need.

At the end of a project, our success is measured by that of our client. Timelines, budget adherence, results and growth are key words that apply not only to our business, but also those we service.

We view all the work our clients bring to us, regardless of size or scope as a challenge, opportunity and growth experience. We welcome your inquiry as to how we might be of service to you.

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